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Full Version: Arcade Highscores
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Heyas, I recently created an arcade script/site, and as it's still in major development to become a community based arcade had a question. I was wondering if it's possible to grab highscores out of flash games that weren't coded for your site (The same way that forum arcades post high scores, although I'm pretty sure they are pre-coded with a wildcard), or if you'd have to program games yourself with the highscores function added into it to be able to call a php script to store them into your database.

Thanks in advance,
it is not a wildcard, it is an anchored link, like for example "images/image.jpg" works on any website with the same path / file.

I would advise you to study a couple of such converted games and adjust your script to the variables used already . That way you will be able to use for your script benefit all the existing converted games.

check our Arcade Games Download Repository here :
Thanks, Nick. I've actually been reading up on the highscores integration, but to no real avail. I'll check out that link and see if that helps out.

Nice forum, btw. Best of luck in this venture =)

you are welcome, we never rest smile.gif
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